Verbal Grazing Agreement

A landowner orally agrees that a neighbour can shoot at his land. The part of the „independent contractor“ contract is important. During my unfortunate year as a willow without a contract, the cattle owner did not recognize my custom grazing activities as separate from my work as an employee of an ox business they owned. As a result, the owner wanted much more control over my business and production practices than I was willing to grant. My personalized grazing contract begins with an introduction containing a date of entry into force of the contract as well as the names and contact details of both parties (natural or legal persons). It stipulates that the Grazier, as an independent contractor, uses the land he leases or owns to graze and maintain cattle belonging to the owner. It is important to read the lease carefully because, as always, the devil is in the details. It is important to determine where these responsibilities lie in the grazing licence agreement, as well as whether or not the responsibilities of the agreement have been effectively fulfilled in accordance with this agreement. .

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