User Agreement Magyarul

Az EULA az angol End user license contract kifejezs rvidtse, aminek a magyar jelentse vgfelhasnli licencszerzds. Ez a szerzds hatrozza meg egy szoftver birtoklsval, felhasznlsval s tovbbadsval kapcsolatos jogokat s korltozsokat. The multilateral agreement on merchandise trade includes the 1994 GATT (general agreement on tariffs and trade) and 13 sectoral agreements. These areas concern four areas: safeguards: these measures are put in place when a European Commission investigation concludes that imports have increased so much that they cause (or threaten to cause) serious harm to EU producers. These are temporary measures, such as quotas, applied to imports to give EU industry time to make the necessary changes. Anti-dumping measures: measures, for example. B specific tariffs on imports of products dumped in the EU, i.e. products exported to the EU at a lower price than their domestic price. The Trade Facilitation Agreement aims to facilitate the movement of goods, release and customs clearance, including goods in transit, through effective cooperation between customs and other relevant trade facilitation authorities.

Gyakran lehet tallkozni a kifejezssel pldul akkor, amikor egy szoftvert telept valaki a szmtgpre.

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