Una Collective Agreement Medical Appointment

At this stage, no decision has yet been taken on whether the UNA will join the action for employment. Learn more about some of the most common collective agreement issues for nurses. UNA produces a collection of spotlight posters that highlight important items from your collective agreement. Develop an accurate and concise articulation of the desired long- and short-term outcomes of your business and the customers/beneficiaries you want to serve. This includes a presentation of the resources, activities and programme elements needed to achieve these results. Under article 58 of the Municipal Elections Act, employees may vote for three consecutive hours on election day. Municipal elections. More than politics and basic organizing, advocacy and civic engagement are essential elements of a nonprofit`s responsibility to advocate on be the interests of the people they serve. To create a legal and political landscape that supports your mission, you need to have the know-how and strategy to make your voice heard. .

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