Spirit Aerosystems Credit Agreement

Internet: www.spiritaero.comSur Twitter: @SpiritAero WICHITA, Kan., October 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. [NYSE: SPR] (the „Company“) today announced the closing of the $500 million private offer of $500 million of total capital of 5,500% Senior Secured First Link Notes of 2025 (the „Notes“), issued by Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. („Spirit“), a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. In parallel with the closing of the offer, Spirit completed its previously announced Priority Credit Facility B for a total of $400 million (the term loan). Spirit plans to use the net proceeds of the bond offer and the proceeds of the loan under the term credit for general purposes. In addition, in connection with the completion of the note offer and term loan, Spirit terminated its existing senior secure credit facility, including the revolving credit facility. On July 31, 2020, Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. (the company), Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., have the company`s wholly-owned direct subsidiary („Spirit“), and Spirit AeroSystems North Carolina, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, an amendment („July 2020 Amendment“) of the second amended and revised credit agreement between Spirit, the company as the mother`s guarantor, the subsequent portion of the lender, Bank of America, N.A., as an administrative representative (the „Administrative Agent“) and other agents (the „2018 credit contract“), consisting of a $500 million revolving credit facility (the „revolver“). $206 million (the term loan) and a subscription period of $250 million („deferred subscription period“). The wholesale terms that are used here and are not defined differently must have the meanings attributed to them in the 2018 credit contract. View original content:www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/spirit-aerosystems-closes-private-offering-of-1-2 billion-7-500-senior-secured-second-link-notes-due-2025-announces-effectiveness-of-senior-secured-credit-facility-amendment-terminates-delayed-draw-term-loan-30104284.html 5 With additional priority debt, it is used to refinance the issuer`s existing long-term A loan and the A-capitalization loan with deferred underwriting and provide additional liquidity.

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