Paymaster Fee Agreement

Please note and read our requirements carefully before contacting us! We receive hundreds of Paymaster service requests every month! Unfortunately, most requests are not transactions concluded or are based on fraud! A Paymaster contract involves ALL parties: transmitter, receiver and intermediary. We receive many requests from intermediaries who want to secure their commissions through a Paymaster contract. It doesn`t matter. However, the main contract between THE DIFFUSEUR and the RECEIVER of the funds must be concluded. So if you are an intermediary, please inform the sender and/or the recipient to contact us. It doesn`t make sense to ask for our Paymaster services, where transmitters and receivers are not involved. On request and as part of our international legal advice, we also assume mandates to draft and adapt all contracts and agreements if desired. Copy of the pricing agreement between all intermediaries Paymaster can pay a few people from the bonus of an assembly, the length of the considerable number of subtle items and the management of account data for each beneficiary are clearly indicated in the pricing agreement. All exchanges are required to verify the support and verification of the birthplace of funds by our banks, and meetings are encouraged to provide our office with all supporting documents and identification cards in advance to ensure full compliance with the „Know Your Customers“ and „Do You Know Your Transaction“ approaches.

The Hanson Group will need documents from all meetings that might be interested in using our Paymaster services, including a duplicate of key value-based reports, including not yet limited to the fee agreement. Please note that at Ebraham Legal Services, we will not participate in a transaction/deal/project itself that has led to the requirement/necessity of commercial agent services (Paymaster). We are never involved in disputes between buyers, sellers and intermediaries and remain neutral. We never give our opinion on the transaction/deal/project. Each Paymaster project must be legally structured. In particular, with regard to international money laundering legislation, many factors and rules must be respected. In some cases, it is necessary to develop and build a structure (stocks, banks, foundations…) During the evaluation and evaluation of each project, our experienced lawyers, tax experts and investment bankers work as a team to develop an optimal structure for transactions. That is always a huge effort. Since we receive hundreds of applications each week, please understand that we must in any event charge the cost of due diligence that proves the legal and tax factors. Under international money laundering law, we are required to carry out due diligence for every transaction on behalf of banks, money laundering authorities and tax authorities. There is no way to execute or accept a warrant that is not covered by due diligence! As a Licensed Commercial Agent (Paymaster), we know the procedures and guarantee a secure and legal service.

Escrow Services, considered an exceptional type of transaction, hosts an unbiased third party meeting and holds the assets to ensure that the buyer and trader are compliant during the transaction.

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