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Other circumstances in which the Court may annul an agreement are that the agreement that comes into force would cause the other spouse considerable injustice or difficulty, particularly when caring for a child. This happened despite independent legal advice, that the deal was „totally inappropriate“ and the worst thing their lawyer had ever seen. Thirty days after the wedding, she signed another agreement. Section 90E of the Family Act 1975 provides that a marriage contract may provide for child support, but only if the child has already been born and can be designated and the exact amount of maintenance is included in the agreement. Note that the terms of a financial agreement, including a marriage agreement, can be overturned by the court if it is determined that they are not in the best interests of the child. The High Court, the highest in the country, and the Family Court recently ruled that it was not possible to maintain unfair agreements using undue influence to obtain a spouse`s consent. The judge found that the agreements were invalid and could not be enforced. It says the agreement must provide for how existing and additional assets that could be acquired during the relationship, including pets, are treated in the event of a relationship breakdown. At Diamond Conway, we have acted for countless clients when it comes to financial arrangements, including clients who request the establishment of financial arrangements, clients who have been invited by their partner to sign agreements, and clients who wish to set aside an agreement. Our family lawyers are highly experienced in ensuring that financial contracts are drafted in such a way as to guarantee the financial rights and safety of our clients.

Marriage contracts should be taken into consideration by all couples who are considering a marriage or common-fact relationship and may be entered into before or during a marriage or de facto relationship. A marriage contract is not intended to derail your relationship. It`s about putting all the cards on the table and discussing issues that can actually strengthen relationships and clarify uncertainties. .

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