B.c. Representation Agreement

(a) hold accounts and other records of the exercise of the representative`s jurisdiction under the representation agreement and (2) At the request of a representative, the court may give instructions or issue an opinion on the interpretation of a provision of a representation agreement. is carried out as effective, as if Section 35 of the Status of The Status of Child Custody Act were in effect in 2001 at the time of the agreement. 26 (1) A person designated as a representative, substitute or observer in a representation agreement is not entitled to remuneration for his or her work as a representative or observer, unless there is a legal format for a representation agreement. However, there are specific legal requirements for signing and certifying representation agreements, but also for the necessary certificates that must be signed by your representatives, witnesses and others. If your representation agreement is not properly signed and certified and the required certificates are completed (in the case of a Section 9 representation agreement), it may not be valid. In BC, if an adult is unable to give or refuse consent to health care, there is, according to BC Laws, a standard list of „replacement managers“ who can accept medical treatment and can make health decisions on behalf of the incompetent adult if the adult has not appointed a representative to make health decisions in a representation agreement and no committee has been appointed to make health decisions in a representation agreement and no committee has been appointed named. Any adult aged 19 and over who is able to enter into a replacement agreement can do so. Mental capacity is the ability to make sound decisions. A capable person must understand the context or nature of a decision and appreciate the possible consequences of a decision. Under THE BC act, every adult is capable of abilities. This means that, as long as there is no other evidence, a court considers that a person is in a position to make his or her own medical and financial decisions. It is important to note that capacity is a legal term and applies to the particular decision that needs to be made.

Some people with reduced capacity may not be able to make some decisions, but may be able to make others.

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