Australian Bilateral Agreements With Schengen Countries

The AIS European Training Centre (AIS ETC) of Gavirate Italy recently signed, on behalf of the Minister of Sport, a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian authorities. This agreement will allow those who work and train at AIS ETC to obtain visas for a stay of more than 90 days up to a maximum period of 365 days. As a rule, a visa grants you entry into the country, but must then be converted into a „residence permit“ allowing you to stay longer than the 90 days (up to 365 days). Only persons established in Italy and having a residence address on or near the AIS ETC are entitled to this „authorisation“. Successful granting of the authorisation allows the holder to move freely for one year for training and competition in the EU Schengen area. It is important to note that obtaining a visa through our declaration of intent with Italy is not the gateway to the EU`s Schengen area. People who train at a European club and do not use aish etc as their main base must arrange the long-term visa at that club or in the country where they will be staying. „There is a visa waiver agreement between Germany and Australia that allows Australians to spend up to three months in Germany, without reference to time spent in other Schengen countries. The agreement is a special agreement between Germany and Australia and is aimed at Australians travelling to the Schengen states and want to stay in Germany for an additional 90 days.

In the correspondence we received from DFAT, they suggested that we contact the embassies of the various countries listed above to determine their currency and validity. How do you track the total number of days spent in different countries in the last 12 months? At the end of the period of validity of the ETIAS, third-country nationals may continue to apply for an extended stay in a country benefiting from a bilateral visa waiver agreement. Since the ETIAS expires after 90 days, foreigners must stay in their country beyond this border. New Zealand has concluded bilateral agreements with 18 Schengen and Schengen associated countries. What many travelers don`t know is that they have the option to stay visa-free in some European countries for more than 3 months, in accordance with the EU`s bilateral agreements. . . .

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